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Most government IT related projects, especially those that are grant-based, usually fail due to the lack of sustainability. Rameses is committed to ensuring that this project is not only continued but to innovate further to provide a more lasting impact. In this regard, the ETRACS Sustainability Membership Program was developed to address project funding.

How to Apply

  1. 1. Download the following documents:

  2. 2. Once reviewed and approved, the formal contract will be mailed upon advice by the LGU

  3. *Annual membership fee is Php 95,000.00. Fee is inclusive of tax and other costs

  4. 3. After the first payment is made, the membership certificate will be mailed to the LGU

  5. 4. Next billing date will be based on the date of registration

Membership Benefits

  • Free E-TRACS version updates and assistance in upgrading

  • Support for bug fixing and troubleshooting problems(email, teamviewer)

  • Access to trainings and plugins

  • Access to member's website (member's forums)

  • Free hosting of special cloud-based systems using our CMS (content management system) technology to enable
    Development of web-based transactional systems by LGUs

  • Membership to the taxpayer's portal

  • Access to special cloud-based services like SMS