Plugins are special applications not included in the standard package of E-TRACS and should be purchased separately. Plugins can be availed of through a one-time payment. Any version upgrades, if any, will be given for free. The following are the plugins currently available, or are requested for development with corresponding prices.

Name Brief Description Price (Php)
Community Tax Certificate (CTC) Automatically computes charges for CTC and updates taxpayers records. Handles both individual and corporate community taxes. Price available upon request
Market Rental Module Tracks rental units in the market and provides billing and tracks rental payments. Price available upon request
Vehicle Registration System(including MTOP) Manages different registration of vehicle types, including, but not limited to, tricycles, boats and etc., and tracks renewals or retirement. Price available upon request
Ordinance Violation System Encodes traffic and other violations, and computes fees based on the number of offenses. Price available upon request
Waterworks System Tracks account of subscribers, encodes reading consumption, billing and track payments. Fees can be configured via rules. Price available upon request
Skills Database Registry Extends the entity (taxpayer) records to include skills, work experiences and other information to be used in a job skills matching facility. Price available upon request
Building Permit System Handles applications, assessments, payments, and releasing of building permits. Records stored include pictures and sketches, and workflow facility allows taxpayers to monitor progress of the permit. Price available upon request

* All Prices are VAT inclusive and are subject to change.

* Prices above do not include cost for training.